Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Being Mom

This past weekend, we had such warm weather.  It was hot. Near 90* one day.

My favorite thing to do when the temps soar? Sit by the a/c. What can I say, I am a whimp.

Saturday though I found myself sitting in a camp chair, in the blazing sun, dripping sweat, as I sat and listened to my daughter perform in a concert.

I sat there surrounded by other parents & family members. Supporting their loved one.

I thought about my Mom, and how she or my Dad, made an effort to be at every one of our events as kids. All 5 of us. I never thought about the sacrifice that was! The driving to and from, the inability to get your own things done, sitting in freezing cold & blazing hot conditions... Oh hindsight, you really are 20/20!!

Harmony has a tendency to faint at her concerts. It's true. She has done well the past two, but I still bring extra water for her. I knew that with the higher temps, the likelihood of her fainting would be high. I have seen her standing up straight and tall, only to collapse to the ground a second later.

And it struck me, as I sat there watching her. That this is what being a Mom is all about. Being there in case she faints. Being there to hear her perform. Being there to make sure she has water. Sunscreen. Taking pictures so she can remember her concert. Being in her corner. Being someone she can count on. Being there. Not only physcially but emotionally.

In everything that I do for my children, the most important is the actual being there for them. I needed that reminder.

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