Sunday, April 21, 2013

sneak peek at my week

This Saturday I sat and updated my calender. It was just my daughters activities. For school, band and church.

Holy cow our family is busy. I am always surprised by how much we have going on when, outside of church activities and school, we really don't do anything else. No sports practices, no lessons....

I have been spending Sunday evenings trying to plan for my week. It really helps me keep my head through out the week.

Surprisingly un-busy!
My errand day
Ben has class in the evening

Early morning band practice for Harmony
my stay at home day (housework & coupon organization tasks)
scouts for the two older boys

An errand day if needed
Ben has class in the evening
Harmony has Young Womens (church)

my stay at home day
Ben in class
early release day for my 2nd & 5th graders
cub scouts for Ivan

errand/grocery shopping day
Ben has 1/2 day of class
unless there is a birthday or something, we are generally home on Friday evenings

service project for our church (for whole family)
major clean up day
31 party for me
family movie night

For your benefit, I didn't include...the errands that need to be run, the day to day things like (laundry, dishes, making meals, helping with homework, shuttling kids to and fro...)

How do you prepare for your week? Or do you just take it one day at a time? I love to hear how others run their homes & schedules.

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