Thursday, April 18, 2013

Green Giant Veggie Chips product review

*** I recieved packages of Green Giant Veggie Chips and coupons as a member of Bzzz Agent to help faciliate my review. I was not paid for my review and all thoughts & opinions are my own***

My kids take turns getting the mail, so when Ethan came home with a big green box, I had no idea what it was. I am used to getting packages & boxes of review items but sometimes I forget all of the different ones. So I was really excited when I saw the Bzz packaging and realized what it was!
 Green Giant Veggie Chips!

I had been wanting to give these a try but just hadn't yet! I recieved 2 large size bags, and 4 small sized bags.

No one gives an honest opinion like kids, right? So I put a bag in each of their lunch bags and told them to tell me what they thought when they got home. I said feel free to give some to your friends and ask them what they think. So oldest to youngest, here were their thoughts...

Harmony: Yuck. These were kind of...tasteless. I jut didn't like them and threw the rest away. (*I hate it when they do that!)
Ethan: They were really good Mom! I would eat them again & again.
Connor: Well, they kind of tasted like Sun Chips. I hate Sun Chips. Gross.
Ivan: I loved them Mom! Yum, they were good. I like the cheesy part.

Basically we have a tie. Kids, I tell yah. Here are mine and Ben's thoughts:
The two flavors we tried were the Multi Grain Sweet Potato with sea salt and  RoastedVeggie Tortilla Zesty Cheddar. We agreed with the kids that these were very similar in taste & texture to Sun Chips. With a light crunch and a non greasy texture.

Here is the problem...Ben was not a huge fan. His words were " they were like a bland version of a Sun Chip."
I liked them.  They were a nice light snack. I ate some at lunch with a sandwich and felt they made a great pair. Now, were they the best chips I have ever had? No, but I would eat them again. Especially if they were a good deal.

Our family (minus Mason) are at a tie. 3 vs 3. I guess you are going to have to try them and decide for yourself... and of course let me know what YOU thought!

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Book Loving Mommy said...

We've tried these and my kids were not impressed. They love Sunchips but these were a no-go for us :(

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