Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Boy howdy. Life has been busy. Buuuuuusy. Can't even describe how crazy life has been.

I often have people ask me, how do I keep up with all my kids and all their activities? My answer...I don't. Something always has to give.

Sometimes it is home made dinners....hello McDinners.

Sometimes it is sleep...the bags under my eyes are scary.

Sometimes it is cleaning...yeah it can be scary in our home.

Sometimes it is laundry...just like the house, the mountain of laundry can be scary.

Sometimes it is free time.

But sometimes it is your blog & facebook page. Not your personal one of course though!

We just have a crazy amount of things going on until the end of the school year. I am trying not to drown.

Of course, that is just life. My life right now. I will try to keep up but if I don't, you know why!

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