Friday, July 30, 2010

Freezer Cooking Friday

Did you put anything extra in your freezers this week? An extra loaf of banana bread? Some chopped chicken? Maybe you made some muffins and put a few aside for later? Anything you do, will put you further ahead for the next time!

There came a time, a few months ago, when after making a dish for dinner, my husband would eye the pan and say, "you probably should have made two."

And he was right. Sometimes one pan just isn't enough! I started thinking of what meals I could make two of and freezing one. While grocery shopping I would grab a couple of disposable aluminum pans.

It really isn't hard to have an extra pan of enchiladas, a meatloaf (or mini meatloaves)baked ziti...

This week, as you are making a meal plan, look at dinners that you could double. Are you grilling this week? Make extra chicken. Or buy an extra pkg of ground beef and make hamburgers.

Are you taking advantage of yummy summer produce? Eat half and put some in the freezer for later. My daughter could live off of smoothies. I have lots of extra peaches and strawberries in the freezer that will be going towards smoothies. Or freezer jam!

Pack up that freezer!

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