Friday, December 31, 2010

coupon crazy

I had a lot of coupons that were getting ready to expire. Some good ones. Netting me a lot of free items.

Knowing that stores were closing early for the holiday, I hurried in. At Albertsons I got:
8 cans of Ro*Tel ( we use these a TON)
8 cans of Manwich (my sons favorite!)
8 cans diced tomatoes
6 boxes of hot chocolate
4 boxes of cereal (2 Cookie Crisp and 2 Trix)
2 pouches of Bumblebee tuna

Before card and coupons, my total was $94.xx. Afterward it was $23.xx I also got a coupon back for a free gallon of milk and a coupon for a free bag of chips. Not bad right? 72% savings and I was a happy lady.

Then I went to Vons. I knew I wasn't going to do as well because I had bigger ticket items that I wanted/needed. I got
2-12 packs of tp
2 pkgs of Pampers
2 tubs of Pampers wipes
3 Family sized entrees
6 Pillsbury biscuits
2 Pillsbury french bread loaves
2 Pillsbury pizza crusts
4 jars of Prego sauce
1 pkg of brown sugar
1 pkg of marshmallows
1 pkg of choc. chips
3 pkgs of string cheese
2 -2 liters of Sierra Mist
4 12 pks of pop
1 bag of Doritos
8 cans of soup
4 Yakisoba noodles
2 boxes of crackers
Before coupons my total was $297 and after it was $127. This was a mere savings of 42%. I wasn't as excited...

But you know what, I got a lot for that $127! Mason's diaper stockpile was almost non existent and toilet paper is always a good thing to have around here. I think I look at Coupon Queens on tv/magazines/blogs etc and compare myself to them & their scores. I am not going to do that anymore though!! I am proud of my score and I KNOW it will all get eaten (:


Miranda said...

I love couponing :-)

I had a coupon binder when we lived in Florida - but I've totally fallen off the bandwagon since we've moved to hawaii. I'd really like to get back on track!

This is motivation to me! :-)

Beth said...

You know, I think that is why couponing got so hard for me. I was so busy comparing what other people saved with what I was saving. And they always did better than me! But I think as long as you are saving as much as you can on things your family will actually use, then you are doing a great job!

Susan said...

I FINALLY got my coupons all cut and sorted, so if you need anything, LMK. And thanks for the reminder - I have a couple free coupons I need to go use since they expire today.

Happy New Year!!

Marie said...

I forgot to mention the 10 boxes of mac and cheese that my kids will devour!

@Miranda, there are a lot of sites for saving money at the commissary with coupons! I know island prices can be CRAZY!

@Beth, Totally! We see people pay $1 for hundreds of dollars in groceries and feel bad about what we did!

@Susan, thanks. There are going to be some good inserts this week also! I am going to have to get even more than I normally do! lol

Lazy Girl said...

WOW! I'm so impressed. I live in nyc where everything is over priced but I still do pretty well I think! But not as well as you!!

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