Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What a BRAT!

La st Tuesday, I was at the mall, when I started to not feel very well.

That feeling lasted all day and night, and I spent some quality time in my bathroom :(

I felt that, "oh it is just something I ate. The kids are fine." Boy was I wrong!

Wednesday night, my 5yr old came in asking for medicine...and then threw up all over my bedroom carpet. Then 3 times on my bathroom floor.

He finally went back to sleep and I got to clean up after all of it. Lucky Mom right?

The next morning my 9 yr old told me, "Mom, my stomach feels really funny..."

Ugh! It lasted only 2 days but I spent that time saying no to foods like pizza or hot dogs, to a variety of treats. I tried hard to explain why those foods would be hard on their stomachs. I finally said "you are only allowed to have the BRAT diet because that is what you are being!" lol

Do you know what the BRAT diet is?
A-applesauce/apple juice
T-toast, or plain dry cereals

Of course you also need comfy pillows, quilts and good movies!

These are "bland" enough not to upset a sick tummy but somewhat filling to keep them filled up! So if you have any sick kids, keep the BRAT diet in mind!

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Anonymous said...

Poor sick boys. =( Sympathy with counterproductive cravings. I get them too.

Hope everyone stays well!

Hannah (b)

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