Wednesday, May 18, 2011

C is for...

Connor, the commissary, cocoa puffs, crackers and corn dogs.

What? Yep, you read it right.

Today I attended a baby shower for a friend of mine. I had planned to go to Sam's Club afterwards but decided instead to just go to the commissary on base.

Here are the facts:
1. I hadn't planned on going to the commissary so I had no coupons with me. Dumb move I know.

2. I really didn't need very much. I never do.

So right now it is the commissary case lot sale. And can I just tell you, the prices are...AWESOME (: Sometimes being in the military has it's privilages! So I see a case of Cocoa Puffs. Which just happen to be my son Ethan's favorite cereal. Well it was originally, a case of 12 boxes for $20. Doing very quick math, I was just going to pass it up. I can usually get cereal for .50-$1. But then...what do my eyes behold? A coupon for SIX dollars off the case. Boo to the yah! $14 for 12 boxes of cereal makes for one happy Ethan!

Mason also noticed "Liberty" goldfish, that were red, white and blue. The nice big box was $3.55! Yay, we can never have to many goldfish around here!

We were just about to leave when I made a quick run down the frozen food aisle. Connor has been begging me for corn dogs. When I was at Vons the other day, I noticed that a 16 ct box of corn dogs was over $6! Cough, cough choke. It did have a refund for $3 back when you buy the Yogi Bear movie but there was no way I was paying that kind of $$ for corndogs!

At the commissary they were a measley $3.00 and they had the same refund. Now I just need to find a really good price on the movie! My kids loved it so I am envisioning a family movie night with Yogi and corn dogs (:

Even though the commissary is not as close as my regular stores, I may have to venture down there more often...only this time with my binder!
This was his "no one can have my cocoa puffs!!" look

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