Saturday, May 14, 2011


This past week, was teacher appreciation week. Every day we were given ideas of what we could do or bring into our childs teacher.

This also happened to be a CrAzY week for me, and the idea of getting 3 different teacher gifts together every day was just not going to happen.

I was at Target one morning. I am there a lot. However, our store is converting into a Super Target (: So because of all the construction going on, there is a ton of stuff on clearance. I *heart* clearance.

When I spotted these huge tote bags on clearance for $5 I knew they were a must have. (*Side note, I almost bought one of these when they were just 30% off. So glad I waited!!) I grabbed 3 for myself and happily went on my way. But then I had that nagging thought in my head..."you need to do something for teacher appreciation week". So I went back and grabbed 3 more!

Later, I filled each bag with different items out of my STOCKPILES!! Each bag had lotions, hand soap, paper towels, kleenex, hand sanitizer, a few school supplies, chocolates...All stuff that a teacher needs! I was going to throw in a bottle of Advil ( I mean who wouldn't have a headache after dealing with my kids all day?!) but in the end I didn't (:

When it comes to gifts, think out of the box and into your stockpiles! BTW: the teachers LOVED them (:


Booksnob said...

OMG, I wish I could get a verbal thank you for teacher appreciation. You are so wonderful to do that for your children's teachers. So as a teacher who rarely gets gifts or thank you's from her students, I want to say a great BIG Thank You for thinking of us.

Susan said...

So, I was just at Target and guess what? Ours is turning into a Super Target, too. Cool.

Marie said...

@ Booksnob, I think teachers have one of the most important jobs! My Mom was a teacher and I always saw all the hard work she put in! I hope that you get some recognition for all that you do!

@Susan, Ben is a little nervous about it. He thinks I already spend too much time and $$ there! lol

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