Monday, May 16, 2011

Deep thoughts

It's Monday morning. My 4 older kids are off at school. My youngest is sitting at my feet playing "vroom, vrooms". It is quiet (relatively...) and I am thinking some deep rambling thoughts. So bear with me...

I used to belong to the YMCA and Weight Watchers while living in VA. Every January all of us "regulars" would complain about the lack of parking spots, more kids in the day care, lines, crowds...etc.

But around February things would go back to normal. There were a few who stil llingered but the big groups of people, slowly dissipated.

With the popularity of TLC's Extreme Couponing, I kind of feel like it is "January" in the couponing world. The economy has given everyone a wake up call, and people are doing what they can to save money. You see more people gardening, taking fewer vacations, not driving as much, re-using items, shopping yard sales and thrift stores....I could go on and on about the variety of changes.

However, there are some of us "regulars" who have always lived like this. I have been couponing for almost 12 years now. If it weren't for my black thumb, I would have a much better garden. Luckily Ben grows me tomatoes & cucumbers (:. I have always avoided school fundraisers, shopped yard sales, tried to combine trips to save gas, re use items that might otherwise get thrown out....

When the economy improves, you won't see as many news articles, tv shows, blogs about saving money. Some newbies will stay and some won't.

So I try not to get frustrated when I see shelf clearers, or I am limited to how many coupons I can use. I just hold on and wait until "March" when some go back to how they were.

DISCLAIMER: I don't want anyone to be in debt or to spend more on their groceries than needed. I want everyone to save money so that they can enjoy the benefits. I teach couponing classes to those who want to learn. If I can't get as many of something, because other people have got their first, than that is MY problem, not theirs. This is just to remind myself to keep on truckin'

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