Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back to School?

If you have watched tv, looked at a store ad, or browsed the aisles of your local stores, you know that back to school time is here. Or is it?

My kids don't start until the 31st of August, which to me is a long time!!

So while I am tired of being a referee, putting the milk away 50x's a day, and hearing "I'm bored", I am using the next few weeks to my advantage...

**Buying school supplies for the whole year, while they are on sale and cheap. By January or so, my kids school supplies are looking well...less than stellar. So I like to have lots of back ups. Not to mention, when they sneak into the schoo supply bucket and just steal things!

** Getting all back packs and lunch bags washed and ready to go.

** Getting kids on a better sleep schedule. We are very relaxed in the summer. Sometimes, the kids are in bed by 8:30 other nights not until 10! Yeah that won't cut it when school is back in! Now is the time to get ready and not 2 days before school starts!

** Going through closets and dressers. I think that my kids have grown a foot over the summer. So now it is time to go through every thing. I don't want to go buy my son new t-shirts when he only has one pair of shorts. Know what I mean?

**Freezer cooking. With school comes a much more strict schedule. One of my goals for this school year is more homemade breakfasts. Not just a bowl of cereal. So I plan to get some pancakes, waffes, french toast, breakfast sandwiches and muffins in the freezer.

**Stocking up on lunch items. 5 lunches(my 4 school age kids and my hubby) x5 days a week = a lot of lunches! So I am stocking up now. Granola bars, fruit snacks, crackers, lunch meat, bread...

Do you have any goals for this school year? I would love to hear them!!

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