Sunday, August 7, 2011

clearance finds

Most of us are used to finding clearance items at stores like Target, Wal Mart, clothing stores...

But did you know that, your grocery stores also have a clearance section?

Well they do and they can be a great source of deals!

I was at Ralphs picking up some produce one day, and stopped by the clearance rack. It was a gold mine!! Granola bars, garbage bags, cans of fruit, sanitizing wipes...

2 bags of veggi's in the produce section.

1 bunch of reduced bananas.

hamburger on sale.

Lunchmakers on sale (hello easy snack for the kids!)

6 pks of jello...

Even my cashier was impressed with what I found!

Here is a rule of thumb, if the item is refridgerated or frozen, you will find it in their own section, and you will find them marked with a sticker.

But anything else will be found on shelves. Most of my stores have shelves near the back of the store, near the restrooms etc.

Clearance items can be matched with coupons so make sure you have 'em with you!

What about you, do you look in the clearance section? What is the best deal you have scored in the clearance bin?

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