Tuesday, August 23, 2011

If I knew you were coming...

image borrowed from Internet Movie Database

I'd have baked a cake. Baked a cake...OK I don't know any more of that song!

I love the movie Father of the Bride. Who doesn't right? But I love the part when they are discussing the costs of the daughters wedding cake. Steve Martin's eyes pop and jaw drops, and he says " a cake is made out of flour and eggs. My first car didn't cost that much!"

When I look at my stockpile, one thing that isn't lacking is cake mixes and frosting. I have a lot. Which cost me mere pennies. And yet, my need for my kids to have "perfect" cakes on their birthdays kept me going back to a variety of bakeries.

So while I am not even close to being a cake decorator, I have tried my hand at making a few different cakes & cupcakes.

Whenever I am upset with how it turns out, my husband likes to remind me that, "all they are going to do is eat it".

Cakes can be a big budget buster when it comes to birthdays, so I recommend you trying out your hand at making your own!


Susan said...

LOL - Steve Martin makes me laugh every time!

I've found that Eric and the kids don't always want a traditional birthday cake. We've used brownies, pie, big cookies, doughnuts, etc. as "substitutes." And T.J.'s favorite is Better Than You-Know-What Cake, which is totally easy to make, although it's not necessarily cheap.

Marie said...

Harmony actually really wanted a coconut cream pie but I didn't get to Marie Callenders. Oops! I am with TJ on his favorite!

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