Tuesday, August 16, 2011

money well spent

Even Dad got in on the action

My kids have been begging for a trampoline for....I don't even know how long. Years.

My 10 year old begged for one for his last birthday. There were just a couple of problems with that...

1. the cost went beyond his birthday budget
2. his Dad was deployed and so there was no one to put it together
3. I really couldn't find a good deal on one
4. I looked on Craigs List but my husband said no to a used one for safety reasons
...and on and on!

Then the planets aligned!
*somebody rrrreally didn't want to get off*
* we found a good deal
*my husband came home
* it came with the safety enclosure

Was this a cheap toy? Nope but it has been so worth it! The kids are spending more time outside, getting lots of exercise, using their imaginations by coming up with new and different games to play...

Sometimes, you have to look beyond the price to really find the worth in something!


Book Loving Mommy said...

We have a trampoline and I think it is the greatest thing ever! My kids love playing outside and as you said, they get great exercise and are always creating new games! Well worth the price!

Book Loving Mommy said...
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