Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Oh my holy cow. This summer has been INSANE!


**welcomed home my husband from an 8 month deployment
**sent my boys off to Cub Scout day camp, and babysat my friends son half the time
** went on a huge family vacation (San Fransisco, visiting my brother & his family, camping)
**were home for one week and spent the time getting ready for...
** a family reunion that was at our house
**my sister had emergency surgery and I ended up taking care of her son for a week
**my daughter was gone for a week at a church camp
**my husband left for a week

Oh and in that time, I have also done the normal Mommy/wife stuff.

I can't believe how behind I am!! My coffee table is piled with inserts and ads, my calender is filled with post it notes that need to be entered into my actual calender...phew.

However, my kiddos are off to school tomorrow and I am really, really, rrrreally hoping I can make some headway on a few things!

Why couldn't I be one of those born organized people?!!

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