Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good morning! Yep, it's Monday again! While my sweet hubby has a verrrry hard time getting up and out to work on Monday, I really don't mind!

I love starting a new week and getting my house back in order after a weekend (: I am strange I know!

Yesterday, while shaving my legs in the shower, I wrenched my back. It is sore today but not as bad as it was yesterday. It is amazing how messy the house can get when you can't bend over though!

The WEATHER in my neck of the woods: a little overcast at the moment but will be burning off soon
Things that make me HAPPPY: spending time with my family
Book(s) I am READING: I love the show Haven on Syfy which is based on Stephen King's The Colorado Kid. So that is what I am reading (:
What is on my TV today: Eureka and Warehouse 13
On the MENU for dinner tonight: something with chicken (lol)
On my TO DO LIST: plan my menu (:, organize my coupons, get my daughter packed for camp, make cupcakes
NEW RECIPE I want to try/have tried: For the first time ever, we grilled corn on the cob. Sooo yummy!
In the CRAFT BASKET: I am so lame, nothing
LOOKING FORWARD to this week: my daughter's birthday
TIPS and TRICKS: schedules & routines. Kids thrive on them and so do I!
My favorite BLOG POST of the week: I didn't do much blog hopping this week
BLOG HOPPING: see above
NO WORDS NEEDED: my husband in his whites during Seabee Days (*swoon*)
Lessons LEARNED in the past few days: just trying to keep my priorities straight
 On my MIND: my daughter. She is headed to an over night church camp for the week. I have never been away from her for that long!!
Devotionals, thoughts or scriptures: Show your gratitude.

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Jen said...

I loved your "whats on the Menu". Sounds like family asks me often what's for supper? I usually say "Oh something with..."

Have agreat week.

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