Wednesday, September 21, 2011

brain dump

AAAAGH! I am going nuts. I really am. I have been considering something.

I.JUST.CAN'T.DECIDE!! It is a big decision. And so I go back and forth and back and forth.

My husband is for it. Totally supportive. It's just that...

I'm scared. Change is hard. And if I do it, it means my whole life & lifestyle will change.

**Big old sigh**

So what is this decision? Do you really want to know? Well it is...

whether or not to get...

lapband surgery.
All these pictures make me want to cry, cry and cry some more!

Can't read that? It says...

lapband surgery

Yep. It makes me sick that I even qualify. However, it is covered by my insurance. I qualify. I have been doing research for months. I am going to a seminar on Monday, but...boy howdy, huge decision.

Lap band is different than gastric bypass. You are only in the hospital for a couple of hours. A couple of hours to change your life?

Seriously, I am going nuts, trying to decide if this is for me or not.


Susan said...

I would say that your life is already pretty crazy - maybe this isn't the best time to make that kind of life-changing decision. On the other hand, I totally understand the appeal of losing weight FAST. Seeing D's struggle, though, convinces me that the safest/healthiest way to slim down is the old-fashioned way. Unfortunately, that's also the hardest way!

Good luck with making a tough decision. I'll support you either way and any way I can. Love you!

Anonymous said...

If you feel you can't lose the weight or stay motivated by good old fashion diet and exercise then maybe you should. However, the surgery is not going to be an instant fix. If you are not ready mentally to change your life and live healthy for yourself (most importantly) and your family then you won't have as much success then if you were in it 100% no questions asked. I struggle all the time with healthy living and at times it is not easy. There is so much temptation and days when you feel absolutely lazy. But when you reap the rewards of feeling GOOD about yourself it's the most amazing thing ever. You'll love yourself and you'll be that much better of a mom. Things you never thought you could do end up being things you do every day. Good luck!!!

aftonelam said...

I have friends that have done it and are so glad they did. They are busy moms like you-I think you should go for it if you have the option. Either way I am rooting for you!!!

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