Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I have been couponing for awhile now.

Since my daughter was born, to be exact.

She turned 12 last summer.

I love coupons. I love having a grocery store in my garage. I love having lots of options for meals & snacks. I love being able to give away when someone is in need.

I would encourage everyone to coupon on at least some level. Since I have been in CA ( a little over a year now) I have been blessed with awesome stores that double coupons. I have been able to get many free and inexpensive items. So I started sharing them on Facebook.

Then I started having requests for teaching & sharing how to coupon. Thus I changed the name of this blog (from MarthaWannabe to California Clippin') and created a facebook page, to go along with it.

I have had fun sharing good deals, coupons and my trips. However...there are TONS of coupon blogs. TONS. And I feel it is kind of a waste of my time to repeat info that can be found in a ton of other places.

So while I am in no way saying that I will never post another coupon trip or good deal etc, I am saying that you won't see as many.

I want to go back to sharing recipes, planning menu's, freezer cooking, sharing crafts or decorations, money saving tips, family friendly ideas, kids ideas, trying to get organized and basically homemaker-y stuff. (:

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