Friday, September 9, 2011

Feelin' Feminine Friday


One of the first homemaking blogs I ever came across was The American Homemaker. While I have never met Angie, we seem to have a lot in common (: One of them being our love for military guys!!!

But seriously, she posts easy recipes that even I can follow, cute and inexpensive decorating ideas...and more. Seriously go and check out her blog when you have a chance!

She recently started a weekly blog carnival, called Feeling Feminine Friday. At our house it is 2 girls against 5 boys, so we are totally outnumbered. It can be hard to feel feminine & girly when we are surrounded by Legos, Star Wars, boxers, burps, get the picture. So I love this idea of sharing what makes me feel feminine!

The first item, is my birthday gift from my hubby. My old ihome has been on the fritz lately and likes to short out on me. So I fell in love with this PINK ihome that was of course on clearance (:

The 2nd is, this past week I started taking a cake decorating  class through Michaels. This was the first class and we practiced making stars. We then decorated cookies to practice. So these are some that I made. Obviously I have a lot of work to do (lol) but wearing an apron, baking cookies and then decorating them definatley makes me feel feminine!

If you would like to participate also, you can go to Angie's website The American Homemaker!

**Sorry about the funky picture layout**

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The American Homemaker said...

I love it! Everything looks better in pink :)

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