Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Rules!!

Literally!! My kids love Fridays! We have a lot of rules/schedules during the school week but Fridays...well things change!

regular school mornings are not very fun!

During the week in the Turner home, there is:

*no video games (they are also not allowed to play on Sundays) at all

*no tv in the mornings

This is how Ivan feels about Fridays!

*M-Th my kids only have water  at school.

*Bedtimes are very strict during the week.

*no soda is allowed

On Friday's...

**As long as your chores have been done during the week and bedroom, playroom and bathrooms are can play video games or get on facebook (for those old enough)

**If you are "head to toe, ready to go" you can watch cartoons in the mornings on Fridays

 **On Fridays the kids get to have either a juice box or chocolate milk (Yoohoo) in their lunch!

** Dinner on Friday evenings is verrrry relaxed! Usually something very kid friendly (pizza, hot dogs etc) and the kids get to have a soda!

A typical scene on a Friday!
Now that school is in, we have moved our family movie night to Saturdays. Once video games go off on Saturdays, they don't go back on! So we have a movie night and an appetizer dinner.


What about you? Do you do anything different to make the weekends special?

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