Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Don't you love getting tips? Those little ideas that are so simple and yet, they make a huge difference?

I do not have an organized bone in my body. I have alot of lazy ones though lol!

Our calender for Sept!! And that is just the stuff I remembered to put on!!
We are a busy family and so I need all the organizing help I can get!

So while we lived on Guam, I had a friend who lived a couple of doors down.

She is married with 3 boys. At the time (and these are the only ones I know of personally) she was involved in the PTA, she was my sons Cub scout leader, sold Longbarger baskets, all 3 of her boys played a sport each season...I can't even think of everything. Her husband was gone a lot. BUT her house was immaculate. She planned her scout activities for the WHOLE year all at once. I was lucky if I had anything planned the hour before. She had calenders of every activity and followed everything to the T. To say that I was impressed is putting it mildly.

I asked her, how do you stay organized? She gave me 3 tips and I want to share them with you.

1. Don't just sit and watch tv. If you want to watch tv that is fine, but don't JUST sit! Send an email, update your calender, write out a menu plan, fold laundry, match socks, clip coupons....whatever. Just use that time to your advantage!

2. Never leave a room empty handed. If you are going from the living room to the kitchen, grab that cup you just used and go put it away. While in the kitchen, grab your dirty dish towels and put them in the laundry etc. Always put something away!

3. The last one is to have everyone in your house learn this motto and practice it! Ready? "Don't pass it up, pick it up". Have you or your kids ever walked past a pair of shoes? A couch pillow on the floor? A toy? Don't walk past it, pick it up and put it away.

So...what about you? Do you have any tips that you use to keep your house picked up, or your life more organized? I would love to hear them, trust me, I need all the help I can get!!

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