Friday, September 9, 2011

lunch bag tips pt.1

(crackers, cheese cubes, strawberries, cookies, bagel sandwich w/ ham& cream cheese) 
(wipe & a napkin on top, plus an extra snack!)

(All our lunch bags lay flat instead of stand tall)

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times...

I make a LOT of packed lunches.

I am not going to sugar coat and say that I just love making lunches. But I do have a few ideas that will make it a bit easier.

First things first...the bag.

**I use containers instead of plastic bags. (Good for the environment & good for the budget.) I prefer to use the divided Ziploc brand containers. So I need to have a bag that lays down. This way items fit in so much better!

** I swear that every parent at my boys school shops at Target. Why? Because most kids have the exact same lunch bag. So label, label, label! I label the inside of the bag, and containers. In a later post, I will show you my kids bag tags that go on the OUTSIDE of the bag.

**Juice boxes are convenient but the cost can add up. Most have 10 juices in a box. So that means 1 box would last 2 days..if nobody sneaks one. So I only buy them on sale and with coupon. But I also... only give them water M-Thursday. Water is healthier, keeps them hydrated better than juice and it's free! This also goes in a reusable bottle!

**One of the reasons that I like bags that lay down, is so that I can put things on top. Not everything fits into the container.

**A few years ago, I attatched a bottle of hand sanitizer to my kiddo's lunch bags. 2 days later, they were empty. Because of course they shared it with their friends. And of course they (my kids & their friends) didn't use one squirt but 10 or so! Instead I give them a wipe! Hands still get clean and I don't have to replace the bottle every other day!

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