Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's for lunch?

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strawberries, cookies, ham sandwich on a bagel thin, applesauce, fruit snacks
strawberries, cookies, cheese and leftover chicken & fried rice

ham sandwich on bagel w/cream cheese, cheese cubes, crackers, strawberries and cookies
 With the end of September coming up fast...I have realized something.

My kids lunches have been less than stellar. Seriously! I mean I still describe my lunches as "bento-ish" because I lack any skill but, I have at least been doing better.

Not this month though!

Hopefully October will help inspire me a bit...pumpkins, leaves, Halloween...

Here is a look at some of the lunches I have made this past month.

For some AmAzInG ideas, go to What's for Lunch! Her site is seriously amazing. She is talented and so are her readers!


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

You go for it girl! Check out the new bento meme at Bento Blog Network. This week's theme is Anything Goes and you can post your bento links until 8pm CST on Tuesday and then voting will be enabled for people to pick their favorite, which will become the featured bento of the following week. This theme specific meme is posted each Friday. Next week's theme will be Smiles.

Marie said...

Thanks (: I will definatley check it out!!

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