Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday

A little late in the day but...

 the weather: is perfect right now!! In the 70's with a slight breeze

on my reading pile: Dead Heat by Kathleen Brooks

on my tv: Oceans 12

on the menu for this week: honestly...I have no idea!! The only thing I have planned is Easter dinner!

on my to do list: organizing my coupons, spring cleaning, decluttering

what I am creating: actually I just gave away a ton of craft supplies. I just don't have time to do much creating...sniff, sniff.

in homeschooling: technically my kids are on spring break. So we haven't been doing much. Next week, we will continue working on our CA state history,our science unit on oceans (which kind of works with the CA stuff also)

looking around the house: I have piles of coupons everywhere! But I am going to ignore them and go read (:

I told my 2 year old, before heading to an egg hunt, "let's go get some eggs" and he headed straight to the fridge!
from the camera:

something fun to share: Are you addicted to Pinterest yet? It is so addicting and if you are not on there already, you really should be (: If you want an invite, I would be happy to send you one!

on my prayer list: My husband's family, who just had a death in the family. My husband who is overseas. My children.

devotions:I heard this week and LOVED it! "Don't judge me because I sin differently then you do." Seriously, it is so true to me. I need to be better about this!

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Susan said...

One of my favorite things about Conference (besides the uplifting, faith-promoting messages, of course) is that it's a great time to get all my couponing done. I clipped a HUGE stack of them and got MOST of them filed. Woot!

Loved Pres. Uchtdorf's talk, too, especially the bumper sticker you quoted. Hilarious and SO TRUE.

Sandra said...

So funny about your kid going straight to the fridge LOL

Hope you're having a great week and I'm sending up prayers for your husband's family.

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