Wednesday, April 4, 2012

quick tip

After posting pictures of my cupcakes, I was asked about my sillicone muffin cups.

 I originally bought them to use only in my kids bento lunches as snack containers. But I later decided to take the plunge and used them to actually bake with.

So, the question I was asked was, how do you clean them?

I am sure there are a lot of ways to clean these but this is what I do:

1. turn them inside out

2. toss them into my dishwasher basket

3. take them out and they are nice and clean

Easy as that (: I have also used them and then put them in a bowl of soapy water and then just simply rinsed them off.

So if you have been shying away from silicone muffin cups, don't! They are great. They also work well as snack holders in a bento box!

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