Tuesday, April 10, 2012

book love

I have always loved books. My kids love books.

One day, I took some of my kids to a store that rhymes with Smarnes & Bobles. Even after getting some of the books from their value section...we still did not get out of that store without spending...I won't finish that.

So today while we perusing the local Goodwill we hit the book section.

Book after book made it's way to our cart. From cookbooks to kids books, to novels to childrens books. Childrens books are a measley .49 cents each. Love it!!

I had to laugh when the workers pointed out that one of our books was labeled as .99 and "who was tagging books in the kids section?". Seriously it was funny.

Our Harry Potter books are all in sad shape, so for .69 I replaced one of them.

I was also excited to find some great books for homeschooling, plus a book called, "Yes You Can Teach Your Children."

Do you ever shop at thrift stores for books? What was your best find?

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Susan said...

Love the book love! I can't stop myself from buying them either, even though I have more books on my shelves than I will ever be able to read in TWO lifetimes. I still love looking at rows of shiny books, just imagining the stories I'll find inside ...

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