Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's coming...

The time is rapidly approaching. It comes so fast and yet I never feel quite ready.

Nope, it's not Christmas. That is what you were thinking wasn't it?

Well I am actually talking about something else.

New Years Resolutions. Yep, they sneak up on me every year. I do make them (whether or not I keep them or not is a completely different story!) as a way to make goals and better myself.

One goal that is on there every year, like many, many, many others is to lose weight. The other of course is to save money.

Saving money is easy...well not easy but easier for me than the whole losing weight one!

I have done a variety of different weight loss programs, Slim Fast, Weight Watchers, my own programs...But one of the things I find myself doing is spending Now I am sharing this as my own personal experience, not as a reflection of the program. Here are a few examples of what I would do...

I would wake up in the morning and would be in a rush. I didn't have time to make a low fat meal OR I wouldn't have anything to eat that was "healthy". So I would either a.) not eat and then be starving so I would eat whatever I could find or B) go to the grocery store and stock up on healthy items. Again.

Or, I would be trying to make dinner for the family and realize that it had too many calories/fat/points to fit into my program. So I wouldn't eat it. I would go buy something for me.

I would stock up on pre-packaged items so that I could follow my program completely.Not being willing to branch out, but just stick with items that " I know I can eat."

 That doesn't even include the actual cost of a program. Know what I mean?

Well, that is why starting on January 1st I will be starting a coupon diet. No I will not be eating coupons (I'm so funny I know!). Every January you see a huge rush of coupons for frozen healthy dinners, protein bars/shakes, all sorts of "diet foods". Coupons are seasonal and manufacturers know that everyone is making the resolution to lose weight and eat healthier, right?

Programs like Jenny Craig, NutriSystem etc. work because everything is pre-portioned. You know exactly what is in it. The trouble is when you go off those programs. So I will be making my own.

For example:

B-fast: whatever yogurt is on sale for the week, a bowl of healthier cereal or protein bar & fruit.
Snack: whatever pre-portioned snack is on sale...100 cal packs, light popcorn etc.
L-maybe a Smart Ones, or Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice etc
Snack: same as above
Dinner:  a meal that is healthy as I can make it (making small switches like using leaner cuts of meat, portion control etc.

Over the next couple of weeks I will share more of my plan, and how I plan to implement it. I will also doing more product reviews (whether sponsored or not) on "diet foods/drinks". What were hits and what were misses.

If you have made a resolution to get healthier, I would love for you to join me. You can follow whatever program you want. I look forward to saving money and getting healthier. I hope you will join me, but in the mean time, enjoy those yummy holiday goodies! I know I will!

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