Saturday, December 24, 2011


"There are only two types of travel: first class and with kids."

I don't remember where I first read that quote but it still makes me laugh...and cringe. Because we all know it is true!

I am no stranger traveling with children. I have been from CA to VA, VA to OR, OR back to VA, VA to WA, WA to AZ, AZ to CA, CA to GUAM, GUAM to  OR...I could go on and on but I will spare you! Suffice it to say,  military families do a lot of traveling.

Our kids range in ages and personalities. Some get car sick, some don't. Some have teeny tiny bladders and some seem to be able to hold it forever.

We have under packed and over packed. Forgotten very important things, and remembered everything.

I have learned a lot every single time. So by the time my kids are teenagers, I should have this down. Right?!

The only way I can remember everything is to write it ALL DOWN. Even those things that you feel are no brainers. Go through every single day, and what you could possibly need for that day.

Here are a few things that I always make sure I have with me:

total score!! These are so insanely expensive! Worth it but expensive.
* plastic bags for throw up (I use the diaper sacks that come in a little roll)
*baby wipes, toddler wipes (flushable)
*an extra roll of tp (some rest areas are scary, others are 5 star, you just never know!)
*more diapers than I could possibly need
*extra clothes for all children in an easy to locate bag
*tylenol (children & adult) kleenex,
* paper towels
*towels ( I usually try to bring 2. They are good to have for cleaning up, getting caught in the rain...)
*first aid kit (with extra bandaids)
*medicines &vitamins
* I pack all of my items in zip top bags. Everything. Clothes, socks, toiletries etc. It saves space, prevents spills, and keeps like items with like items. The bags come in handy later as we get ready to go also!

* laundry soap and dryer sheets (this is where all of those free samples come in handy)

Being prepared doesn't necessarily equal a smoothe trip, but it will be smoothER. We made it through a 16 hour drive and are still alive to tell the story!

What do you think, what makes your life easier while traveling? If you are like me, and you like to have a checklist, here are 2 sites that I found with printable lists.

Flylady has a travel control journal that is a free printable and you can find it here.

You can also go to We Just Got Back for kid oriented printable checklists...those can be found here

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