Thursday, December 1, 2011

The icing

My favorite part of any cake? The frosting of course. No light whipped cream icing for me! Buttercream all the way!

Confession: While preggo with one of my children, I used to get frosting when it was cheap and eat it by the spoonful. I wouldn't even bother with the cake!!

When it comes to couponing, we all know that in order to get the best deals, you need to combine a sale with your coupon. If your store doubles, that is even better right?

Well as you are getting your items, make sure to pay attention to the packaging. I always see if I can get that extra little somethin' somethin'. Extra boxtops? Refund form? Coupons inside? I will always get those ones instead. It is that little icing on the cake.

A couple of the benefits of getting coupons off of packaging is this....

1. They tend to have a higher value than ones in the paper.
2. They tend to have a lot longer expiration date.
3. You have a bigger variety of coupons for your binder.

Also, as you look through the magazines that come through the mail, pay close attention. Especially this time of year as many of them have coupons in them!

The coupon on the Musselmans was .50/1. At my commissary these are only .79 bringing my total cost down to .29.

Besides, being called the "icing" these are also known as "smp's" or specially marked products. Have you found anything fun lately?

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