Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thomas Mega Bloks & Mommy Parties

**I recieved a box of Thomas Mega Blocks toys through Mommy Parties to test & give away to friends. I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% my own.**

The perfect shirt!!
When I recieved the email from Mommy Parties that I had been selected for the Thomas party I was ThRiLlEd beyond belief! Mason, my 2 year old is a Thomas fanatic. Besides the actual trains, we have movies, blankets, pillow case, dishes, clothes, Pez dispensers...I could go on and on. The kid loves trains and he loves Thomas.

So I waited for my party box to come. One morning, I walked downstairs to find a huge box in the living room! I was so excited to open it and find a huge assortment of Thomas toys & a dvd.

Trying to break in on his own!

I hid the box from Mason, until the party because I didn't want him to "steal" from his friends!

I invited friends over to play trains and to watch the Thomas dvd. Well, no one was interested in watching the movie!! With everyone having their own toy, there was hardly any fighting over the fun toys. Building tracks, and playing choo-choos was all the boys were interested in! The boys ranged in ages from 2-3 and they easily put them together. Older brothers helped a little but not much.

It was a fun time for us Moms to get together and chit chat while the kids played. What a fun day!

Some of the things I heard after everyone took the trains home...

" Brian played with his for like 12 hours straight! He loves it!"

"McClain loved his train and insisted on taking it with him on a car trip."

"Asher hasn't put it down."

I loved getting this box and appreicate the generosity of the people at Mega Bloks. If you have a little boy, or know a little boy, or maybe a kid at heart...put this toy on your must have list! They are durable, reasonably priced toys. Choo Choo!!

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