Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What's for Lunch?

Oh how I wish I were more creative. I love looking at Bento's but then get a little down on myself about what I have done. But what are you gonna do, right?

grapes, Christmas shaped pretzels, a Babybel, fruit snack, and a chocolate muffin

I try never to use baggies, but I didn't want to just put them in.

How I fit everything in (:

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Julie@teachinggoodeaters said...

Don't get down on yourself!! It took me a long time to try Bentos because I didn't have the gear (or the creativity!) I've just been going with what I have. My daughter doesn't know about all of the other "cooler," Bentos out there, she just knows that her lunches are more interesting than they used to be... I've gotten lots of ideas from the others that link up to "What's for Lunch," Wednesday and I've been adopting the "easy," ideas... I know that the super artistic ones are not for me (I love them- I just can't make them!) but I did figure out how to cut a carrot in the shape of a heart and my daughter loved it... Baby steps!

The Student @ Food for Dissertating said...

Super artistic things aren't my style, either, and I do sometimes throw in a packaged thing. I agree, don't get down on yourself! Keep your own goals in mind. Mine is to make food that is good for me and I want to eat. Making it more attractive makes me want to eat it, but making it complicated just makes me not want to do it! I'm glad there are those out there who have ideas for the rest of us, who will never make an "Angry Birds" themed lunch or carefully craft a duck out of seaweed.

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