Wednesday, January 16, 2013

five stars

I have been a busy lady. Life just never seems to slow down, does it?

Since the last time I blogged, I have:

***sent my "baby" off to preschool
*** made a trip all by myself (!)
***renewed my drivers Oregon
***taken care of my kids & their activities
***some awesome grocery shopping trips and....

major toothache!!!


So this morning, I am reading the newspaper and my horoscope shows a five star day. Sweet...and then I took a bite of my Cap'n Crunch and had a really, really hard crunch berry. I finally just swallowed it. I could feel something hard in my mouth and found a piece of my tooth.

I went and brushed the cereal off of my teeth so I could get a better look, and then another little piece came out also. Ugh.

Not exactly what I call a 5 star day.

I think I have been CRUNCHATIZED.

Its not as fun as it sounds.

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