Friday, January 4, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

On Monday evening, I ran around using coupons that expired that night. I had some seriously amazingly awesome deals. Here is a round up of what I got....

1st stop---> Albertsons

Campbells Skillet sauces were on sale 2/$4. For every two that you bought, you got a catalina back for a $1 off.

I bought 8 pkgs @ $2 each = $16.00
Minus 8 coupons for .75/1 = $6.00
Made my out of pocket (oop) $10.00
Earning $4 in rewards

Quaker products were on sale for $1.88 when you bought 5.

To be honest, I had a huge variety of coupons for Quaker products. I ended up with 6 boxes of granola bars, 3 boxes of soft baked banana bars and 8 boxes of Cap'n Crunch (my absolute favorite!)

After all was said and done, my total out of pocket at Albertsons was...$33.20 for a savings of 62%

2nd stop---> Vons

Some of the things that I wanted were not there, but I got...
3 Yakisobas
4 Sun Rype fruit strips
7 boxes of Kelloggs fruit snacks
4 Dole Smoothie shakers
deli lunch meat on sale for 50% off
4 12 packs of soda
1 bag of Tostitos
 I had a variety of coupons, and a catalina good for $2 off.

My total was: 31.93 for a savings of (seriously!!) 62%. Crazy that I saved the same at both places!

3rd stop---> Staples
4 Avery heavy duty binders
2 storage containers
2 desk calenders
4 pkgs of Hammermill printer paper
2 pkgs of manilla folders
1 mailer for my husband ( I told him he ruined my totals :)

I turned in 11 used ink cartridges and 3 Avery binders to be recycled. Each binder netted $2 off!
I also had a coupon from their ad for $5/$25.

After coupons, I paid $127.xx...yeah expensive right? Well guess what? All of it was free after rebates and Staples rewards. I get all of the money back!! I actually made  money off of it!

Last stop---> Target
Once again, too many coupons to count and a ton of items courtesy of Christmas clearance. So I will just name a few...
12 Digiorno pizzas
6 boxes of Edys fruit bars (free)
2 Vaseline lotions (free)
1 Caress gift pack (clearance for $8.xx, used a coupon for $3/1)
3 cases of Lip Smackers
8 bags of Christmas candy
2 bags of chocolate chips
6 (?) mini bags of Pepperidge Farms cookies
2 boxes of crackers
4 fruit snacks
I honestly can't even remember all of it.
Used a ton of coupons, gift cards etc. and I saved $146.09 and paid $31.xx out of pocket!

The line behind me had people clapping for me. The cashier was so impressed. I even got a "you should be on that coupon show". It was just too much fun.

Of course I was completely exaughsted after that but it was worth it. Did you get any good deals this week? I would love to hear about them!

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