Thursday, January 24, 2013


We all have our kryptonite, right? Something that just tests your resolve. I think I may have more than one, but one of my biggest is...

Targets Dollar Spot!! They have so many fun, cute, practical items.

My husband and I went into Target the other morning for, of course, "just one thing". Please tell me I am not the only one who walks into Target muttering those words...

I bought a few things for lunches and a few things for the 14 Days of Love.

In the above photo, I found some cute owl sandwich sized bags. Harmony is a huge owl fan so these will be fun. The pink, green & blue items that are shaped like bread...those are sandwich stampers. They can also be used for toast. The polka dot and the other one (what shape is that?) are reusable sandwich bags! Each has 3 in a pack. Love these!

close up of two of the stamps

It can be hard to find the boys fun little items for the 14 days of Love. Harmony is easy...lip gloss, lotions, bath soaps, fun pens & pencils...I found these Star Wars erasers that they will love. They are big and heavy. Sometimes I like to sneak things in their lunch bags, little surprises, but I have to be careful. I don't want to give them a toy that they might sit and play with at school. So school supplies are perfect. The R2D2 is a "water bag". I have no idea what the official name of these are but...I could only find ONE, that was Star Wars. There were plenty that matched the reusable bags but only one Star Wars. I am so going to be on the lookout, or my other boys are not going to be happy!

These fun food picks (which is an awful picture, so I will be very impressed if you can actually tell what they are!) But they are hearts and mustaches. Can't wait to put these in a Valentine themed lunch.
Do you have the same addiction, problem, love for the dollar spot? Have you found anything fun lately?

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