Friday, January 18, 2013

good deal alert

Once again, for the record, I am not a deal blogger. However I did want to share this awesome deal with everyone. So here we go...

Most grocery stores are really trying to encourage you to use digital coupons. So they offer a lot of great deals.

Right now, at Ralphs (and other Kroger affiliate stores) you can download a coupon for a FREE 8-10 ct. box of Carnation Instant Breakfast. If you do not have an account with them, you simply fill in your rewards card number and other info. Click on coupons and load coupons to your card. Easy shmeezy.


The coupon doesn't expire until February, but it has to be downloaded today.

Now if you have the Ibotta app, you can also turn this into a MONEYMAKER!! Who doesn't want free money?!

Right now, one of the offers on Ibotta is to get .75 back on your purchase.

Here is the run down:

Go to (or Kroger, Fred Meyer, Smiths etc.)
If you haven't registered your card, do that.
Add the coupon for a free box of Carnation Instant Breakfast.
Pay $0.00 at the check out
Take a picture of your reciept, upload it to Ibotta, and make .75!

My kids love to have this breakfast using Instant Breakfast or Ovaltine.

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