Monday, August 13, 2012

Bed Fairy

****Before I even start this post, I want it known that THIS WAS NOT MY IDEA!! I found this idea on Pinterest and then went to the blog Organic Families, and am now implementing HER bed fairy idea. I am not including the photos that I got from her site. You will have to go to Organic Families to get them. Doing my best to give credit, where credit is due!!****

Not too recently, we instituted daily jobs and an allowance for all of our kids. There are some jobs that I require my kids to do because they are members of our home. Then there are others that if they do them daily, and do a good job, they earn an allowance. It is not big, but it makes it possible for them to have some spending money.

Now their list of what we call "Dailies" is pretty simple. Yet they are habits that I want them to get used too so that eventually it is just that...a habit.

I know that not every one feels it is necessary to make your bed every day, but I do. It is important to have that space where you can go and rejuvenate. It makes your sleep more restful but also sets the tone for your whole room.

When I saw this idea for the bed fairy, I knew my kids would be all over it. So while the kids were busy doing other things, I printed them off and put them on their beds.

Although my kids are a bit older, they really did enjoy having a treat, and something fun related to their work. This was the introduction to the "program" so I will let you know how it goes this week.

What do you think? Is this something your kids would like? Do you think it is important to make your bed daily?


Book Loving Mommy said...

It is important to me to have beds made daily but difficult for us too. Gary works nights so he sleeps all day and often times, by the time he gets up it isn't really worth making the bed (although we both try) so I find it hard to tell the kiddos to make their beds if ours isn't made. But I think this is something I will try for all of us because I sets the tone for the room and makes it look much cleaner!

Marie said...

Maybe you could have a different spot? Explain that you can't do the same with your bed, and why, and then pick a spot, that is your "bed". Like a counter that always attracts clutter, or...something like that. That way you don't feel like you are being hypocritical (:

Anonymous said...

Oh, I have so many other places...sad huh? Good idea though! I will pick my dining room table that ALWAYS has stuff on it until we get ready to eat. It would be really nice to have it always cleaned off though! Thanks for the great idea :)

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