Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In the kitchen

We absolutely love Rhodes rolls/breads in our house.


The taste is wonderful and I love the no fail guarantee. Seriously, yummy.

My kids have decided that I need to make this bread at least 3 or 4 times a week. lol

Not a great shot, but the butter melted fast!

I enjoy my bread hot out of the oven with butter and honey. Yum!

I of course, also love that they put coupons inside the package too. Makes it easier to buy more!

On a not unrelated note, our family has a rule about cereal. You are not allowed to open a new box until all Rubbermaid/ Tupperware containers are empty.

My cereal lovin' boy came up to me, batting his long eye lashes at me and said, "Mom can we make Cocoa Rice Krispy treats?"

Easy enough treat right? So we made them and as we were munching away he said, "My master plan worked."

Next thing I know he is out in the garage getting a new box of his favorite cereal. Stinker. At least he was following the rules right? It is also one more thing he knows how to make.

What is a Mom to do?!

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