Sunday, August 12, 2012

Since I moved to California, I have enjoyed having stores that double coupons.

One of my stores, not only did they double, but they didn't have limits on them. They also had a few times when they did triple coupons. You also racked up shopper points and got a coupon back every quarter for how much you had spent. It was soooo nice. A couponers dream.

Then I looked in my ad one day...and there was a notice that they would no longer be doubling coupons. At all. They were also revamping their points system. Sigh. Offering every day low prices instead of the deals that they had before. Some deals are good. Some would be even better if they still doubled my coupons. Big Sigh.

BUT...I had one more store that still doubled coupons up to $1. You could only double one like coupon at a time but they at least, they were still doubling. I got as many free items as I could and got in on as many deals possible.

Then, one week as I went to get a couple of extra papers, I noticed it. A sign next to the door. "All manufacturer coupons will only be accepted at face value." Ugh. Big sigh. Its over. I now have zero stores that double.

I have shopped this way for the past two years. Always knowing that I could get those free items and get that extra money off my bill.

Now, it is time to change it  up. While I am still going to do the same old same old (ie. go through my ads, match sales with coupons, etc) but for the most part, I will my military commissary.

Without doubles, the prices don't even COMPARE to the low prices that I can find there. I know not everyone has this option. I know right now grocery prices are scary high.

If you live in an area with no doubles, I would highly reccomend finding what store has the cheapest prices all the time. Not just sales.

Times they are achanging...and I have to roll with them, no matter how sad I am!


Susan said...

Guess you'll just have to come to Arizona to do your grocery shopping now!

Marie said...

OK, sounds good (: I will!

Book Loving Mommy said...

That's why we are freezing/canning as much as possible and making our own foods as much as possible. Not to mention the health benefits but groceries are getting ridiculous! Our stores still double up to a total of $2.00 so it wouldn't be a huge deal if they quit but I feel for you :(

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