Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday

I have been so busy this morning and afternoon, working on getting this upcoming school year organized, I have barely had time to sit down!

I really, really wish that I wasn't such a procrastinator. My life would be so much easier. However, that is my goal for this new year...ok my whole life. I just want to be organized, is that to much to ask for?!

Moving on...

Weather in my neck of the woods: I am going to sound like a real whimp, I know it, but it has been hot lately. I am dying...and it has been hovering between 83*-85*. What can I say? I am used to my mid 70's temps!

On my reading pile: Its very random but, I am going through a scrapbooking magazine, I am also reading "SuperMarket Secrets" and I am re-reading a book on homeschooling.

On my tv: well now that the Olympics are over, I am catching up on my DVR. Leverage and I will also be watching the final Closer tonight.

On the menu for this week: Uhm, yeah. Food will definatley be served.

On my to do list: make out a menu plan (: See above! But also, homeschool paperwork, organizing my "classroom", working on my kiddos chore charts

What I am creating: Although it is not the most crafty thing in the world, I am making something. The chore charts for my kids have all been laminated and have jump rings. I am printing off healthy habit check lists...It is fun to make things even if it isn't all cutesy (:

Homemaking tips:Label everything. It makes everything so much easier to find and to put away.

Looking around the house: I have made quite a mess on my table! Cricut, laminator, hole punch, binder rings, markers....

From the camera: Since my husband has been home, my youngest won't let him out of his sight for a second! It was so cute watching him get his "tools" when Daddy got his tools out.

On my prayer list: family and friends.Always.

Devotional: Unfortunatley I am drawing a blank right now :(

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Sandra said...

LOL I love your comment for the Menu "food will definitely be made" Hahahahah that made me giggle.

Susan said...

Mid to upper 80s? Oh, you POOR THING! I REALLY feel for you. Whatever -- our temps are hovering around 110. Blech, blech and more blech. Here's to Fall (which doesn't hit the Phoenix area until around November - boo hoo)!

Good luck with all your organizing.

Jessica Manning said...

Okay, thankfully my temps aren't as high as Susan's but we are running about 97-102 this week....wanna trade?

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