Friday, March 8, 2013

3/8-3/15 Meal plan

While I have been pretty good about planning meals the past couple of days...I haven't been great the past few...well, weeks.

I also notice when I WRITE IT DOWN (big shocker!!) that I eat/serve a more varied menu. A normal week in our home looks like this:

Monday--->husband leaves at 5ish for school

Tuesday---> husband home & Ethan and Connor have scouts

Wednesday---> husband gone & Harmony has church

Thursday---> husband gone & Ivan has Cub scouts

Friday---> husband doesn't get home at a regular hour, it varies

Saturday--->normally home

Sunday---> normally home

I really, really want to make sure that our family is able to sit down together for dinner on Tues, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

So here is what I am planning for this week:
FRIDAY (aka today) : Panda Express (this is a fundraiser for the kids school)
Saturday: bbq ribs, mashed potatoes, vegi's (all these are coming directly from my freezer/stockpile)
Sunday: lasagna (freezer), garlic bread, salad (bread & salad on sale at Albertsons)
Monday: fettuchini alfredo
Tuesday: making a chicken in the crockpot, pasta salad
Wednesday: chicken tortilla soup
Thursday: pizza/leftovers
Friday: Mom & daughter date so it is up to the boys :)

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