Thursday, March 7, 2013

shopping cart show & tell

You know, I try to never go shopping with my kiddos.

I always end up buying more than I had planned. Falling for their pleas and begging. Please tell me I am not the only one who gives in!

Yesterday I ended up taking Mason to the store with me, and it worked in my favor! While he was still in his car seat, I wanted to do a double check on a deal I wanted. While sitting there, using my Vons app, I checked my "personal deals" and was excited to see THREE free offers!

A free cafe salad, a Knorr Roaster (new product) and a packet of Guacamole mix!

Once I got home, I realized I forgot the guacamole packet! Oh well, I will get it next time. I am there a lot...

So here is what I got for $30:
-3 salads (1 was free, but they had a deal that if you buy 3 or more they were only $2.99. I got two more, so my hubby could have one)
-Knorr Roaster (a roasting bag which includes the seasonings. Normally $3.xx and I got it for free.)
-DVD of Veggie Tales, The House that Stood ($9.99 less a $4 coupon= $5.99)
-Wreck it Ralph DVD/Blu Ray combo ($26.99 less a $7 coupon = $19.99)
-box of Jolly Time popcorn (free with puchase of Wreck It Ralph)
-box of Fiber One Chewy bars for kids (free with purchase of Wreck it Ralph)
-box of squeezable apple sauces (free with purchase of Wreck it Ralph)
-a bunch of bananas (just because we needed some)

While I don't remember how much the bananas were but after all coupons (including $6.50 in Catalinas) I paid a mere...$30.05 for a savings of 58%!

Have you had any good deal lately? I would love to hear them!

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