Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Changing it up...

I have almost 15 years of on the job training, as CFO of Turner Family inc.

So you would think, with all that training, I would have a lot, if not all the answers. And yet...lucky for me, I still have the ability to learn new things. Phew. Thank heaven.

A couple of nights ago, I was getting caught up on some blogs and 2 of my favorite Mom bloggers had some interesting posts. I found myself doing a lot of reflecting and wnting to try some new ideas.

One of the Moms has young kids. I believe Three kids under 3. I have been there, done that. While I have no desire to be in that position again, I enjoyed reading about her day to day life.

I remember those days when I had almost 100% control of our life & schedule. Where a routine was my best friend, and naps were a must...for all of us.

The other Mom, is more in a situation like mine. With a mix of older and younger. Where life is constantly busy. Trying to be there for all of the different events and moments. Finding that balance that is not easy to come by but that I crave.

In reading those blogs, these are the things that I want to change up, based on some of the things that I have learned...

1. I am going to start taking showers at night. I have always taken them in the morning, but lately, I can't get my bum out of bed. I find myself hurrying to get a shower in or drop the kids off looking like...well like I just rolled out of bed. No more. Save time in the mornings by doing things in the evening.

2. Routine, routine, routine. While my routines no longer include naps and diaper changes, I do have a certain ebb and flow to my days. Kids have to be out of the house at the same time every morning. They come home at the same time. Etc. I am making a routine for myself as well as them.

3. More family dinners. Whether it is hot dogs or filet mignon (lol like I ever make that) we need to sit at the table together. Ben is at night school every day but Tuesday. This does not make it easy as he leaves at 5:00. But, we can on the weekends. We can eat together when he is gone.

4. Be more present in my family life. Obviously we spend a lot of time together. However, a lot of times my mind is elsewhere. On errands, on projects, on church things on...Because of this, I will no longer be on the computer while my kids are awake. This is not going to be easy. At all. I am not saying I won't check in on my phone, but I won't be sitting down with my laptop during waking hours.

(picture by Mason)

5. Don't start the day out behind. I need to straighten the house and especially the kitchen in the evening. So I can start out with a clean slate.

Is there anything you want to change? What have you learned?

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Angie Clark said...

Ya know, I only have two kids but I have just decided to start showering at night - mainly because of the god-awful haircut I just got that requires straightening and I simply don't have time in the morning. I haven't been able to get out of bed lately for anything and it's not leading to good days! Thank you for the ideas ;-)

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