Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Good deal alert!

Do you have a little one that you are filling an Easter basket for? Right now you can score a nice deal on the newest Veggie Tales movie!

My kids (even the older ones!) love Veggie Tales. I love them because they always have a good message.

Right now, there new movie, " The Little House that Stood" is on sale at Vons for $9.99.The latest issue of All You magazine has a coupon good for $4 off!

You can find the coupon in this issue towards the end!


$9.99 -4.00=

That isn't all though...

On the cover of the movie is a coupon for a free box of Capri Sun Super V's. Not bad for $5.99! Throw one of those juice boxes in an Easter basket as well!

Mason couldn't wait for Easter! He laughed his way through it!

What do you normally put in Easter baskets? Do you go all out or just keep it simple?


Susan said...

Julianna loves Veggie Tales. I'm totally going to get this for her. Thanks for the head's up!

XOXO, Marie said...

You're welcome :) My boys watched it 3 times in a row last night!

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