Monday, March 11, 2013

Got sunscreen?

I have verrrry fair skin.

I burn easily.

I have what I call a "perma-burn" from getting sun burnt so many times while living on Guam.

When I burn, I burn fast.

Sunscreen is this girls best friend.

After a trip to Rite Aid, I think I am now stocked up for summer!

Here's the deal...

Banana Boat is on sale Buy One Get One Free. For every two that you buy, you get a $5 register reward back. Add in coupons from yesterdays paper have some free sunscreen.

There was a limit of 4 offers, and as much as I wanted to "roll" this deal, there were hardly any BB left on the shelves. So I grabbed it while the getting was good.

I paid $44.03 for 8 cans of Banana Boat sunscreen (these are regularly priced between $9.99-$11.99 each). I also grabbed 2 pkgs of Sixlets (on sale 2/$3 and get $1 in RR back) and 2 pkgs of fun sized peanut butter M&Ms that were on clearance for .74 each.

And then I recieved...$21 back! So really I got all that for $23.xx (or the cost of 2 of those sunscreens!)

Woot, woot!

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