Thursday, March 21, 2013

Band geek

There was a time when I never left my house without my camera. I just never knew what would happen so I always wanted it with me. Now, thanks to having a phone that takes pictures and can automatically load them to my Facebook or blog...well I just find it easier.

However, sitting in our local library, I was having the hardest time capturing pictures of my little band geek.

Luckily for me, I had brought "old faithful" with me :)

After taking pictures of things like my shoe or the rug to figure out the settings...I was all set!

practice shot
This is Harmonys last year being in the Monte Vista band. She has absolutely loved being in band. I have loved seeing her grow and make progress. She has a love and talent for music and I love seeing her in her element!

This concert was just for the Advanced band, and so it was a pretty short concert. She and a friend played a duet. However, she had been told that they hadn't practiced enough together, and so she would be doing a SOLO. She was seriously scared (I don't blame her!) and came home from school and only put her clarinet down to eat dinner. She was very happy to find out that they were able to do it together! So for those who are interested, here she is playing:

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Susan said...

Nice job, Harmony!

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