Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend wrap up

Life is always insanely busy at our house. 7 people going in 7 different directions. The school/work week is so busy, that I try to stay off-line on the weekend. Just be in the moments with my family.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

This past weekend we got a lot of family time in, which I needed!

Friday night was GNO, or Girls Night Out! Harmony and I headed out with another mother/daughter pair to see the BYU International Folk Dancers. As we were sitting before the dancing began, I laughed as Harmony and her friend discussed which guys were the cutest. My girl has grown up...

We loved watching the dancers. The dancing, the music, the energy...Those dancers had an amazing amount of energy! I was ready for sleep after watching them!

I had to force Harmony to get a photo with one of the guy dancers. Luckily her friends helped!

Saturday was filled with the normal Saturday stuff. Cleaning, errands, planting cucumbers...and working around the house.

Saturday nights are almost always family movie nights. We all sat around snuggling, eating popcorn and watching the Rise of the Guardians. Perfect night for me :)

Sunday was full of GREEEEEN! We started our morning (or the top o' the mornin') with some Lucky Charms and green milk. We also enjoyed bagel pizzas on GREEN bagels, green grapes, salad...I made a little quick green treat for my church class and called it good. Although we weren't all wearing green, I think we got lucky and no one got pinched.

A week and a half to go until spring break and I am looking forward to it. This Mama is ready to sleep in for a little bit!

How was your weekend? Were you able to do anything fun?!

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