Friday, November 5, 2010

Family Night Friday

Every Friday at my house is family movie night.

The recipe is:
lots of snacks
popcorn (in our popcorn cups from the Target $$ spot)
and a family friendly movie

On tonights agenda: Toy Story 3 and Pizza Rolls (recipe from Tidy Mom)

I am going to start sharing every Friday about what movie we are watching and a recipe for a snack! If you would like to participate, I would love to have you join me! Post in the comments, or type a post on your blog and leave a link!


Book Loving Mommy said...

I love this idea but with Gary working different nights every week we don't always get to do it! We just watched How To Train Your Dragon and had popcorn and pop (that's my kids' special treat) while we watched it. Cute movie!

To Mommies and Beyond said...

sounds likeI am a new follwer and member of the moms blogger club. I would love for you to visit @
@craftsexaminer on Twitter
Shana Brook of Face Book
Have a great weekend! fun!

The Browns said...

Our family movie night didn't go as planned this week. The kids pick the treat and then we rotate who picks the movie. Friday my oldest chose Short Circuit. Do you remember that movie? Well, I thought I did until I heard the language, so we had to switch the movie. We get Netflix through the Wii and the kids love having all the different options. We ended up with Free Willy. Do you remember that movie? Ha ha Then the grand finale was that the my boys got sick and puked everywhere. Just what I want to clean up 9 months preggo and very tired. This week's movie night will have to be at the grandparents house since I will be getting our house ready for the new baby. Just wanted to share! :)

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