Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's for Lunch?

OK so this is my oldest sons lunch. He has (in the big container) grapes, banana bread, string cheese. The cup holds ketchup for his mini corn dogs. He also got a fruit snack and 3 cookies.
This was my son's lunch today. He is just about the pickiest eater I have ever met! So we have pepperoni's, string cheese cut up on pirate toothpicks, club crackers, fruit snacks and 3 cookies. He is not the worlds healthiest eater (in case you couldn't tell!)

So my lunches have not been great lately BUT they have been better than they used to be. That is all that matters right?!

Once again, here is my verrry late What's for Lunch post!
If you are interested in checking out some great ideas for kids lunches, head over to Shannon's blog! You can find it all here!


Anonymous said...

Home-packed lunches are good, no matter what they are (I think!). What are the brown circles in the lower right of your older son's lunch?

Marie said...

Thanks, that makes me feel better! (: Those are mini corn dogs. They love to take them to school and it gets me out of making a sandwich every day!

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