Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What's for Lunch?

Instead of using these as goody bags, I placed a pb cup and their ghost shaped sandwich inside. Not exactly waste free, but cute!
All of my kids were having big Halloween parties in their classes. So I didn't want to pack to much food and I didn't want to give any candy either!

The ghost sandwich and treat!

My son's snack: 2 ghost bananas, grapes on skewers, an oreo, crackers and a granola bar that came home uneaten! I love What's for Lunch over at Bento Lunch!
I feel like a dork saying this but...I could seriously look at pictures of Bento's all day! People are so creative and it is just fun to look at.
Because I pack my kids lunches, all my pictures are taken in the darkness of the morning. I really wish I had more light at that time of the morning!
Anyway, if you want to see some awesome lunches, or post your own, head over and sign up!


Keli said...

Great lunch! I think the ghost bananas are adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Really nice idea to use that treat bag! And I love looking at bento pics too... a day goes by without noticing!

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