Friday, July 13, 2012

back to school

Every Sunday I go and get my papers off the front porch.

I sit and go through them, taking out all of the ads and coupons. Yes, I lead an exciting life.

This past Sunday as I was looking at the ads, I was shocked to see school supplies already. I mean we just celebrated the 4th of July right?

However, I shared on Facebook how I shocked I was, when people started sharing the dates their kids are heading back. Most were headed back in either July or Aug.

Even though as a homeschooling Mom, I get to decide what my school supplies are, I still want to take advantage while the getting is good!

Staples is the closest office supply store to me. They had a coupon good for $5 off a $30 purchase. They also have an offer, where you can buy a Back to School savings pass. It was $10 and will give you 15% off every purchase from now until mid Sept. While I normally refuse to pay for a discount card, I believe I will make my money back on this one. Here is my breakdown:

Transaction 1:
Back to School Savings pass (this had to be on the first transaction, so I could use it towards my 2nd one!) =$10
2 (4oz) Staples glue =.02
2 (24ct) RoseArt crayons=.02
2 (10ct) packs of Bic pens =.02
Total $10.06
**You had to buy a minimum of $5 in order to get the .01 items**

Transaction 2:
4 HP photo paper (50 ct. each) = 9.99 each (.50 each after rebate)
2 Staples brand reams of paper (500 ct) = $2.99 each (.25 each after rebate)
4 pkgs of Expo Dry Erase markers (4ct)= .50 ea for a total of $2
4 pkgs of mechanical pencils (5 ct) = .50 each for a total of $2
2 pkgs of filler paper= $1.00 each for a total of $2
Total $51.94 (before tax)

I am not sure what he took off first, the 15% off coupon or the $5 off coupon but after those were included it brought my total down to $41.73. The reciept printed out and I am getting a check for  $45.58 back. Yeah, that is a profit baby!! Next up, Office Max. Praying no one else got all my deals today!

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